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It's NAU!
or never!

The time is NAU! With a new concept and new layout, diversity is moving into an enlarged space of 34,800 square metres, in the heart of Frankfurt. NAU! is the contrast to the old-fashioned single-use and single-purpose office: ESG-centric, certified sustainable, crisis-proof and lively – thanks to a colourful mix of utilisation options which not only benefits the users, but also the entire community. That’s because NAU! is not an anonymous office shoebox – it’s a multi-purpose and added-value building featuring a hotel, restaurant, gym, shops and lots of excellent workplaces.


Total space

34,800 sqm

Utilisation mix

1. Hotel / serviced apartments
2. Gastronomy
3. Gym
4. Business
5. Office/Co-office


Approx. 120 m
Messe Frankfurt


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